The Vegan Gluten Free Cocktail Party Bash


Vegan AND Gluten-Free? Can't be! But it is . . .


The cocktail hour

Passed hors d'oeuvres

Grilled cheese bites with roasted jalapeno and Bavarian mustard
Buffalo mac and cheese fritters
“Shitakos” (shitake tacos) with salsa Fresca
Black bean chili cups with “Fritos” 
Shots of apple cider butternut squash soup
Korean fried tofu in chili lime sauce
Portobello and pickled onion sliders with spicy tomato chutney
Cauliflower fried chicken with sweet and tangy mango mustard dip
Tempeh “Reubens” on brown rice crisps with sauerkraut


sweet glory

Peanut butter and dark chocolate “crack” balls
Rick Krispy and tahini treats with black sesame seeds
Dark chocolate dipped Turkish apricots