Rossi In The News! 

Rossi was recently featured in the Morning Bell small business feature by Chase Bank. Her video was streamed in Times Square Aug. 17th, 2016 outside of Chase. 


Rossi showcases some fun snack ideas for kids in honor of Mothers Day. 


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Rossi has been contributing to the Huffington Post sharing her insights and recipes for over 3 years! 


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Oprah. Cher. Madonna. Rossi. One of those names may not immediately conjure up a powerful, take-no-prisoners woman, but as the owner of The Raging Skillet catering company, Chef Rossi has earned her mononym nonetheless. She shares her wild rise to award-winning caterer in her memoir with recipes, appropriately titled The Raging Skillet: The True Life Story of Chef Rossi.

Chef Rossi has a vivacious and unapologetic personality that gives life to her almost unbelievable anecdotes, from rebellious, runaway teenager, to a short-lived stint in Lubavitch Brooklyn (“Feminism was not popular in shul,” she writes) to maritime bartender, to her eventual success as an “anti-caterer.” Chef Rossi’s favorite career moment? Catering the celebrity-packed Vagina Monologues after-party. Complete with an anatomically correct feast including a giant vagina-shaped fruit platter.

With gritty New York as a backdrop, the reader is taken from tearful moments of death, to laugh out loud moments of the lunacy of a kitchen. And thrown in are some great stories of Chef Rossi coming into her own. Chef Rossi paints the many characters in her life vividly, with a perfect mix of humor and heart. And she includes plenty of yiddishkeit, with chapter titles like “Pesach on the Interstate,” “Ross by Way of Goldstein” and “Rabbis and Mozzarella.”

Anyone who has worked in a professional kitchen (or dreamed about it) will love the frantic kitchen scenes. And anyone with a crazy Jewish mother will commiserate with Chef Rossi’s relationship with her mom, Harriet. If you are looking for haute cuisine recipes, you may be disappointed. Unless you consider Hebrew National and pasta to be the height of fine dining. But if you want to make white trash pizza bagels with a coffee cup as a measuring device, Chef Rossi has you covered. Here, I’m sharing Leftover Entenmann’s Cake with Pudding; Harriet’s Turkey and Rice Meatballs; and Mama Harriet’s Hungarian Goulash.