The White Trash Menu


The Cocktail Hour

passed hors d'oeuvres

Baby mac and cheese
Crispy catfish fingers with tartar sauce
Mama's meatballs on a stick
Corn cups with chili and Cheetohs
Holy spoonful of grits with Velveeta and baby shrimp
Pulled pork on a Ritz
Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches
Down home style Deviled eggs



 All day long hunk of beef in whiskey, molasses and Pepsi
Clean out the kitchen seafood and sausage jambalaya
Mess-oh- greens in garlic and pepper
Iceburg lettuce in Miracle whip salad dressing
White trash fruit salad in cream cheese, marshmallow dressing
 Crispy Tater Tots with ketchup
Corn bread, sweet rolls and biscuits with sweet butter


Later On

Coffee and Tea

Rice Krispies
Fruit Loop krispies
Jell-O pudding
Baby Pecan pies
Deep fried Oreo cookies