The Vastly Vegan Menu


Passed Hors d'oeuvres

Tri-color nori rolls with spinach, carrot and cucumber
Butternut squash soup shots
Mini- tempeh- BLTs
Vegan empanadas with green apple chimichurri sauce
Grilled artichoke and olive tapenade on crostini
Black bean chili in blue corn cups
Lemon grass tofu in hoisin glaze in miso spoons



Lentil salad with charred vegetables
in sherry dressing
Oven barbecued root vegetables to include; turnips, baby carrots, fennel, golden beets and sweet potato
Penne primavera with oven dried tomatoes, crispy cauliflower and broccoli and fresh thyme
Grilled portobello steak in molasses glaze
Kale salad with currants and pine-nuts in lemon and virgin olive oil
Baby rolls and biscuits


Later on... 

coffee and tea station with soy and rice milk

vegan finger cookies, baby macaroons
fresh strawberries and seasonal fruits Mexican chocolate bombs
and baby apple pies