New American Fun


Hors d'oeuvres

Grilled pear and chevre on mini waffles
Squash and chickpea curry in phyllo cups
Tuna tartare in blue corn boats
Shots of tomato soup with mini grilled cheese sandwiches
Vegan Shepard's pies
Lamb sliders with harissa aioli
Mini BLT's with country bacon


1st Course
Kale salad with toasted pine nuts and currants
in lemon and virgin olive oil



Seared Char with orange zest and fresh rosemary
Angus beef in Pepsi glaze

Warm wild rice salad with cremini mushrooms
Crispy Brussels sprouts
Flat breads with white bean tapenade
Pull-apart biscuits with sweet butter


Coffee and Tea service

Passion fruit tarts with star anise
Pretzel crusted mini donuts