The cocktail hour

Passed hors d'oeuvres

Grilled lamb kebabs with pili-pili sauce (African hot sauce) 
Nigerian fish cakes
Korean fried chicken
Pan fried tofu in chili sesame sauce
Korean sushi with ham, spinach and pickled radish
Shots of African sweet potato and peanut soup


First Course

Cucumber and daikon kimchi with baby greens and scallion 



Korean barbecue beef

Senegalese chicken yassa in lemon pepper and sweet onion

Ethiopian style- braised shredded cabbage, potato and carrot

Korean fried rice with ginger, garlic and sesame

Coffee and green tea


Passed sweets

Chocolate coconut ice cream pops
Korean rice pudding with raisins and pine nuts
Banana pies

and fresh mango & dates

Ginger cookies