Indian Evening Wedding


The Cocktail Hour

passed hors d'oeuvres

Indian Split Pea Soup Sips
Grilled Shrimp with Mint Chutney
Tandoori Chicken kabobs
Vegetable curry in pastry cups
Eggplant pakora
Lamb Kofta with Cilantro yogurt dip


The Dinner

Lamb Madras
Scallops, Okra and Tomatoes in Coconut Curry Sauce

Vegetable Biriyani
 Vegetables and Rice with Raisins, Almonds and Pistachios

Cucumber, Tomato and Onion Yogurt Salad
Naan and papadum


Later On

Coffee and Chai Tea

Rose water scented basmati rice pudding
Almond cookies
Coconut cookies
Cardomom cookies
Fresh mango
Sweet treats