complete sample menus

"Fantastic Brooklyn Cocktail Party"

"A Bit of That New American Thing Floating Supper"

"New American Fun Menu"

"The Vastly Vegan Menu"

"Gluten Free Vegan Cocktail Party Bash"

"Farm-a-licious Fun"

"Cool-licious Cocktail Soiree"

A Fabulous Wedding with Korean and African Accents

"Marvelous Mexican Cocktail Party"

"Jamming Jamaican Jamboree"

"A Spanish Style Wedding"

"Indian Evening Wedding"

"The Floating Supper - Fun and interactive"

"A Lovely Summer Wedding with Hints of India"

"Vegan-icious Wedding Menu"

"The White Trash Menu"

"A Hawaiian Luau on the Beach"

"African Continent Supper"

"A Gorgeous Early Spring Wedding with Accents of The Middle East"

"The Vegi-ama Mama Party (totally vegetarian, totally fun)"

"A Holiday Party with A Latin Twist"

"Andy and Robina’s Vegetarian Autumn Wedding"

"The Down Home Supper"

" A Lovely Latin Wedding"

"American Harvest Holiday Party"

"An Asian Accented Urban Oasis"

"Continuous Cocktail Style Wedding"

"Fabulous Summer Wedding Bash ! "

"Christopher and Stephanie’s
Latin Meets British Wedding

"Dori & Ari's Amazing Wedding"

"Latin with an Asian Twist"

"The Lovely FundRaising Auction Bash"

"An Ecuadorian Cocktail Party Bash"

"The Absolutely Fabulous Cocktail Party /Birthday Bash"

"The Exotic Colonial Wedding"

"Ben's Bar Mitzvah Bash"

"The New Awlins, Country Western, Hot & Spicy Early Summer Wedding"

"Jerry and Mitchell's Wedding"



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